The Hector and Bone Hallowe'en House of Horror

Hector and Bone invite you to their Halloween House of Horror.
Warning: Not for the faint-hearted. Muahahaha!

The Hector and Bone Halloween Haunted House of Horror T-shirts and Mugs

Picture the scene: it’s close to midnight. There’s a full moon. A thunderstorm has just broken. Wolves are howling in the background. A huge, half-derelict old house stands high on a hill lit up intermittently by forked lightning. An owl hoots! The gate’s creaking and swinging violently back and forth on its hinges in the gusty wind. Things couldn’t get much creepier, could they?

Bat T-shirt - Illustrated Bertie Bat design on vegan cotton Halloween T-shirts by Hector and Bone Bat Mug - Illustrated Bertie Bat design on Halloween mugs by Hector and Bone

Just hanging around

Approach carefully, If you dare. Look up! You might be able to make out Bertie Bat and his cohorts silhouetted against the silvery moonlight. He’s having a ball flitting in and out of the eaves and circling the turrets and gables. Steel yourself to continue (if you have the ghoul) right up to the heavily studded front door. It opens slowly of its own accord. You enter and your first sensation is of a thick tangle of multiple cobwebs sticking to your hair, your face, lips and tongue.  

Spider T-shirt - Illustrated Spencer Spider design on vegan cotton Halloween T-shirts by Hector and Bone Spider Mug - Illustrated Spencer Spider design on Halloween Mugs by Hector and Bone

Don’t be too alarmed as you cough and splutter your way through; it’s just Spencer Spider hanging, quite literally, with his hairy legged cronies. He sports spectacles as he reads out his favourite horror stories because even spiders enjoy being spooked.

What the devil?

Devil T-shirt - Illustrated Cheeky Little Devil design on vegan cotton Halloween T-shirts by Hector and Bone  Devil Mug - Illustrated Cheeky Little Devil design on Halloween Mugs by Hector and Bone

Venture even further down the hallway and follow the eerie sounds you can hear rising up from the basement. Brace yourself to go downstairs. You’ll find a roaring fire in the middle of the room over which a cauldron bubbles throwing up clouds of brimstone. That Cheeky little Devil and others of his diabolical ilk are dancing and giggling around it and conjuring up a whole heap of mischief and mayhem.  

Try not to worry, it’s nothing too sinister -he’s just doing what comes naturally!  Why don’t you join him and his freaky friends for a night of deliciously spooky Halloween fun! What’s the worst that can happen? You might never get out alive I hear you say…?! Muahahaha!

Fiendish designs

We dare you to wear one of our fiendish designs on a vegan cotton T-shirt or enjoy a hot beverage in a creepy ceramic coffee mug to take away the chill. You’ll find them all in our featured Halloween Collection at Hector and Bone! Go on, be a devil!


Hector and Bone will not accept responsibility for any misfortune which befalls visitors to the Halloween House of Horror. Entry is entirely at individual’s own risk.  A heart health-check up is strongly advised before entering.

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