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The Rabbits’ Tale

Easter is synonymous with Spring and the regeneration of nature and wildlife everywhere. In the countryside, the rabbit community is perhaps more active than most when it comes to furthering its own species and there are currently acts of sweet and endearing bunny courtship being played out between the young bucks and does in the meadows and fields.

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When Darcy met Bobo - a tale of two bunnies

Darcy the flower bunny bucks the trend somewhat. He might best be described as a bit of a rangy hippy who doesn’t really conform to most people’s idea of a young male rabbit. He doesn’t like to expend a lot of energy and certainly won’t be found haring around like his close relatives. He doesn’t really see the point. Instead, he likes to move slowly amongst nature observing the flowers and the bees and contemplating how cool the universe is. He’s worked out that there’s more than enough of his kind already and doesn’t feel that his contribution in that direction is in any way critical. You could say that Darcy’s a bit of a bachelor bunny. He’s one hip dude of a bunny at any rate, very Zen and very sorted.


And then there’s Bobo. She is, officially, the cutest bunny in bunny-land. She’s just the fluffiest manifestation of everything that has ever appeared on a greetings card and a bit more besides. She has the twitchiest nose, the silkiest fur, the floppiest ears and the brightest eyes of her whole clan-and she knows it. She just loves to hop and takes it to the next level. If Darcy’s a hippy then she’s a hoppy. She’s at her happiest when she’s at her hoppiest. She’s just ridiculously cute. Bobo holds traditional rabbit values close to her heart and just wants to settle down with a like-minded buck.


Fate will decree that any minute now Darcy and Bobo will meet, hit it off and become inseparable because opposites always attract in the best tradition of romantic films. The point of this tale (or tail) is that Easter is all about regeneration and let’s face it, Darcy and Bobo will soon have that nailed!

Are you a Darcy or a Bobo?

The question is, which Easter bunny are you? Are you a cool, hip Flower Bunny or an ultra-Cute Bunny?

Hoppy Easter!

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