Hector and Bone T-shirts - A splash of colour!

NEWS SPLASH: Breaking New Hues!
A vibrant new range of T-shirt colours has just arrived at Hector and Bone!

New t-shirt colours from Hector and Bone - A splash of colour on vegan cotton t-shirts for our original hand-drawn cute animals and quirky art characters

Hector and Bone's cute creatures and quirky characters are now available on a vibrant new range of t-shirt colours. All vegan cotton of course - α true splash of colour to brighten up your day!


We think Sleeping Fox fairly fizzes against Spectre Yellow. Maybe he’s just dozing against the backdrop of a mellow sunset before waking up for his nightly prowl.

Busy Bee buzzes against the softness of Sage, which really evokes his green and verdant habitat.

His garden neighbour, little Jenny Wren, sings so sweetly against gentle Sky Blue while Sly the Snail, veritably leaps out of his shell against a backdrop of Mid Heather Blue.

Peter Parrot pops against Mid Heather Blue - imagine him in his element, against an intense tropical sky.

Cheeky Little Devil ignites against sizzling Bright Orange. He’s on fire and ready to cause maximum mischief! That can’t be said of Glamorous Granny, who instead elegantly glows against delightfully understated Candy Pink. It’s feminine and sophisticated - just like her.

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There’s some special alchemy that occurs as the Alien Landing pulsates against Mid Heather Grey, the brilliant beam from his space craft piercing through the gloom of a misty, damp evening. At the same time, the volcano behind Cute Derek Dinosaur erupts into view against Camel, which conjures the rocky, prehistoric environment a treat and gives them both a starring role.

Our Ginger Cat positively purrs against Mid Heather Grey too. It’s the perfect foil for his gleaming marmalade coat. No wonder he’s smiling!

We think that Edgy Eddie smoulders against Anthracite, the colour of coal (and cool?). We’d go so far as to say he’s smoking hot: this deep grey really sets his vibrant, brooding features alight and gives him extra spark and charisma.

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Soothing and Warm

Ringo the Pink Flamingo’s trademark pink is in perfect sync with the beautifully muted Desert Dust. These two colours compliment each other perfectly: the background introducing a soothing knocked-back element to counter the dry heat of his environment.
Our already Happy Chicken looks egg-static against Rose Clay, this warm, diluted hue making her own bright plumage zing in contrast. We think she really takes off - or at least she would if she could fly!

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And finally…

We could go on about how Myrtle the Sea Turtle immerses herself within cocooning Dark Heather Indigo, Flower Bunny bounces off Jojoba or even how Monsieur Gaulois radiates Parisian chic against Rose Clay, but we’ll stop here and leave you to find out for yourself what’s been making us so excited!

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There's lots more…

Don’t forget - you can discover not only these exciting new T-shirt colours but many others for all of the creatures and characters featured in our T-shirt collection at Hector and Bone.

Please forgive us for raising a bit of a hue and cry, but we hope we’ve managed to bring a little extra colour to your day - and hopefully your wardrobe. So, what are you waiting for - splash out on our new range!