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Mother’s Day always falls when the seasons are in transition and everything seems to be waking up after a long, hard winter. In the garden, the daffodils and crocuses have been providing some much needed cheer. The tulips are shooting up fast, preparing to burst into a glorious display of vibrant colour a bit later on in April and May.

Join our mothers in their idyllic garden-a place to relax, reflect and reminisce

The garden is the home to flowers and wildlife-and mothers of all ages. Our Glamorous Granny can be found out there pottering, just as soon as the earliest Spring-like rays permit. Naturally, she has a favourite spot where she likes to rest after a morning’s pruning. She’s positioned her comfy wicker chair in a secluded spot at the bottom of the garden, next to the ivy-covered wall. It’s where she drinks her mug of tea and watches the antics of little Jenny Wren who comes to visit at the same time every day. She darts about shyly, along the ground and in and out of the ivy, picking up insects and spiders. It’s where she sits in the height of Summer when she just feels like snoozing, being gently lulled by the lazy buzzing of the bees.

Like mother, like daughter

Granny likes to sit and reminisce a lot about when she was young. She was a bit of a firecracker as a young woman-feisty and independent, a bit like the Waving Girl, and very proactive. She certainly enjoyed campaigning for a lot of different causes. It used to be a different one every week back in the 60s. She likes to think she passed on her ‘pioneering’ spirit to her daughter, who was always attending rallies for CND or Save the Whales. She even camped out at Greenham Common! It’s in her granddaughter, too, who’s passionate about the environment and raising awareness of climate change-more relevant today than ever, of course.

An evening haven

As dusk falls, there’s a fox who likes to pay evening visits. He likes to curl up and sleep under the apple tree before he sets off for his nightly prowl. There’s a really sweet mother and baby hedgehog, too, who come for a bit of a forage for insects and caterpillars. Granny leaves a shallow dish of water and any leftover titbits she may have.

A very special bond

Sometimes the three generations of women will sit well into the evening having lively conversations in the garden. They’re all headstrong characters and while there may be plenty of disagreements, they really appreciate the close bond that they all share as mothers and daughters. That’s a very special cause worthy of celebration and one which will never go out of fashion.

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